"People Will Remember The Way you Looked"

Our Mission Statement

"All things done with love will last"

Why Choose Me You have dreamed of this day all your life.
You will like how I listen to your needs.
You will see how passionate I am about my work.
You will see I am dedicated to your satisfaction.
You will know I will give you premium personalized service without the premium price.
You will see I use my creativity to work with any budget to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.
Best Tips

This is a very important day in your life and we are the ones making you look your best. Below are some ideas to help make it stress free.

1. Plan way ahead on skin care. Never get a facial close to your wedding date. Give your skin some time to rest. The same goes for waxing. For both services allow one week to ten days before your wedding.

2. If possible meet with us in person or talk on the phone. Details are important and pictures of ideas help us learn about what your like. Talk to us about how your hair does in florida weather.

3. Arrive on the trial day and wedding day wearing something to slip out and down so nothing goes over your finished hair, tiara etc. Practice stepping into your dress followed by the slip, so nothing gets caught in your finished hair and no makeup on your dress.

4. Do not try to be someone else, especially in makeup. Remember he fell in love with you, just he way your are. Let us make you camera ready.

5. Trust us, we are the professional creative ones and have been trained in bridal hair and a flawless face. We truly care about you and how you look and feel on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would like a hair trial run, what do I need to bring?

A. It's best to bring all hair accessories - veils, decorative pins, combs etc. and a picture of your dress.

Q. Do I need to bring my makeup for a makeup trial?

A. We provide all makeup, but if you are allergic to some, please bring your own. If you have a favorite shade of base, we certainly can use yours. A favorite lip color helps up see what your like. For you hair and makeup trial, it is best to wear white or ivory to see how much color you will need for that day.

Q. What time do we start?

A. First, I need to know exactly who we are doing and what services they would like done. Once I get the time to be finished, I will figure out the start time, so you will be on time.

Q. I have a large party how may stylists will be needed?

A. No worries, our bridal team has attended extensive wedding beauty classes and hold the same standards that I do so we can accommodate large parties.

Q. Are there any other costs besides hair and makeup?

A. Yes, our travel fee is simply the gas price up and back and we all fit in one vehicle. We require valet parking at hotels due to the amount of equipment that we bring. Very early morning starts, may require a slight increase in price.

Q. What does it take to hold the date for my wedding?

A. A minimum deposit of $75 (included in the cost) will hold your day.